We must revitalize our nation's transportation infrastructure to ensure sustained economic growth in Maryland and keep America competitive in an increasingly globalized economy. Federal investment in roads and bridges must be matched by robust funding for public transportation like MARC, Metro, and Amtrak and high-speed rail should be a national priority, along with safe and accessible pedestrian and bike trails. Improving access to affordable public transportation improves the livability of our communities by making it easier for Marylanders to commute to and from work, access services and spend less time stuck in traffic. Our nation receives extraordinary public benefit from mass transit systems.

In our Nation's Capital, the federal government has a special responsibility and a financial stake in WMATA/Metro. Years of neglectful decisions and a failure to confront problems earlier cannot be reversed overnight. But Metro is integral to the federal government and the Washington region. I will continue to fight to ensure that the federal government remains an effective partner for Metro's future, providing WMATA the tools, resources and flexibility he needs to transform Metro into the safe and reliable transit system this region requires.

Public transportation systems take thousands of cars off our congested highways, reduce air pollution emissions, and help reduce the wear and tear on our region's roads and highways. I will continue to support our most important transportation priorities, including adequate funding for our existing transit systems, as well as the Purple Line in Prince George's and Montgomery counties, and the Corridor Cities Transitway along the I-270 corridor.

Maintaining a state-of-good-repair on the existing transportation infrastructure that we as a nation have worked hard and invested greatly to build takes a strong federal-state-local partnership. This is especially critically important to ensuring the safety and efficiency of Maryland's highways and bridges.