Foreign Relations

“Our values are our interests. I believe strongly in a world where America works with allies and partners within the rule of law, a fair justice system and transparent governance that encourages a strong civil society.”

America is stronger when the Congress and the Executive branch are united on foreign policy. The rule of law, good governance and human rights are the basic structures that allow a nation’s citizens to have a voice, to live in freedom and to prosper. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press are among the foundational human rights worth defending at home and around the world. And we must remember that women’s rights are human rights. Women are the barometer of a nation’s success, and of its stability.

I will always fight to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms, encourage tolerance within societies, good governance, battle corruption, and defend the principles of liberty and sovereignty. Currently, I serve as the chair of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the Helsinki Commission. Through my role as a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and with the Helsinki Commission, I have worked to defend human rights and democratic institutions at home and abroad, advocating for accountability and transparency.