Letters from Ben

Capital Wheel, National Harbor, Maryland

These are regular letters to constituents about what's happening in Maryland, nationally and around the world. Beginning as a way to share information during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have become a must-read for Marylanders to connect happenings in our nation's capital to daily life.

Hate + Guns

Dear Fellow Marylanders: Last weekend, when I heard that 10 people were gunned down in a Buffalo grocery store, my mind started racing. While I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to soak in the horrific news, I was simultaneously sad, angry, fearful and frustrated. I said a silent prayer and questioned aloud how one human could do such a thing. We next learned that the grocery store was in a predominantly Black area of this upstate New York city and that the young shooter apparently described himself as a white supremacist. According to authorities, his online writings show that he believed in the so-called “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory about immigration...

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Capital Wheel, National Harbor, Maryland