(Congressionally Directed Spending Requests)

Congress has revived Congressionally Directed Spending requests, also known in the House of Representatives as Community Project Funding requests (earmarks). This authority allows me to direct federal funding to support local projects that enhance community priorities, transportation, health care, education, job opportunities, and other important economic development projects. In restoring earmarks, Congress has placed additional restrictions on eligibility and increased transparency requirements.

Earmarks are restricted for use by governmental and nonprofit organizations and each earmark request I make is required to be publicly posted. In addition, I must certify that I, my spouse, and my immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects I requested.

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While rules for earmarks are subject to change for future years, I have prepared reference guides for county and municipal governments and nonprofit organizations on the categories of funding available, basic information required to submit a request, and the general timeline when requests must be submitted to my office in early Spring. 

Government Guide to Earmarks (FY25)

Non-profit Guide to Earmarks (FY25)

Generally, project eligibility requirements for funding are the same as for competitively awarded projects through existing federal grant programs but are subject to change. Additional information on specific eligibility requirements can be found on the latest competitively awarded grant’s Notice of Funding Opportunity through the federal agency’s website or on www.grants.gov. A limited category of earmarks may require the approval or support of the project by Maryland State agencies prior to Senate consideration for federal funding.

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