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January 01, 2001

Senator Cardin Youtube Video

Senator Cardin's Floor Speech on the Women's Health Protection Act

May 11, 2022

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

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One Million Lost

Dear Fellow Marylanders: Over the last two years, we have lost family and friends, colleagues and neighbors, while coping with countless other economic, social and emotional challenges brought on by the pandemic. We have been able to return to some normal activities safely, and our job market has bounced back at a record pace, but I’m writing today to tell you how important it is that we continue to take precautions to ensure no one else loses a loved one unnecessarily. I thought President Joe Biden was on target this week when he spoke from The White House about the unimaginable losses our country has endured. He said: “We're at a new stage in fighting this pandemic,...

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Capital Wheel, National Harbor, Maryland