Serving Maryland

Cascade Falls, Elkridge, Maryland

I am dedicated to helping Marylanders with issues related to the federal government, such as veterans assistance, immigration challenges, problems with healthcare benefits and more. If you need help, please fill out the form below and the appropriate staff will be in touch.

Please note that we cannot open an inquiry with a federal agency on your behalf until we receive your signed Privacy Release form. For questions or assistance related to completing the form, please call 410-962-4436.

Ocean City, Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Senator Cardin?

The best way would be by email, using this link to send him your thoughts on any topic or to for assistance with a federal agency.

Check here for office locations or to find a field representative near you. Please note that the U.S. Capitol and Baltimore offices have regular office hours. Others are by appointment.

Can I meet with Senator Cardin?

Hearing from and meeting with constituents is an essential part of the job for Senator Cardin. If you wish to schedule a meeting or request he attend your event, please complete this form or contact our U.S. Capitol office at 202-224-4524. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please understand that the number of requests far exceeds capacity, which unfortunately means that not every request can be accommodated. In addition, due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, meetings with the senator and staff are primarily held virtually over video conference.

I’m getting the run-around with a federal agency. Can Senator Cardin help me?

If you are a Marylander in need help, please fill out this form and the appropriate staff will be in touch.

Do you have offices outside of Washington, DC?

Check here for office locations or to find a field representative near you. Please note that the U.S. Capitol and Baltimore offices have regular office hours. Others are by appointment.

Will you answer my emails or calls if I am not from Maryland?

Senator Cardin appreciates hearing from both constituents and others. If you are a Marylander, we ask that you please identify yourself as such in any correspondence or calls. Due to the sheer numbers of incoming correspondence and limited staff, Maryland-based requests usually will take priority.  Small businesses – from Maryland and anywhere else in the country – should feel free to contact the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee directly.

How do I find my Congressperson?

Please check here for a listing of the Maryland congressional delegation, also referred to as Team Maryland. If you are unsure about your congressional district, you can check here by entering your zip code.

Is Senator Cardin on Instagram?

Yes, he is. Check here. He also is on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

How can I receive a nomination from Senator Cardin for the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, or one of the other U.S. Service Academies?

Please see here for an overview. Details for the Class of 2027 application will be posted on or about June 15, 2022.

What committees does Senator Cardin serve on?

Senator Cardin is a member of four Senate committees: Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Foreign Relations, Environment & Public Works and Finance. He is Chair of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee, as well as the bicameral Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is also know as the U.S. Helsinki Commission.

Do you have any jobs available?

Although the staff is relatively small, we are always looking for great people with strong ties to Maryland for future opportunities. For paid internships, please see this link. For paid full-time positions, please check with the Senate Placement Office.

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

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