“President Joe Biden and Congress are providing a generational commitment to addressing our infrastructure needs while respecting our environment. Marylanders will see benefits in every corner of our state.”

Thanks to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act—the bipartisan infrastructure package that I and many of my colleagues worked hard to develop – America has begun a once-in-a-generation investment in upgrading and modernizing our nation’s infrastructure to create jobs, expand opportunities, strengthen our competitiveness, address climate change, enhance safety, and improve lives. Key among these projects are transportation projects to improve public transit, speed the flow of goods at our ports, renovate airport terminals, replace deteriorating bridges and make our roadways safer. 

I have worked particular hard to ensure that federal investment in roads and bridges will be paired with robust funding for public transportation like MARC, Metro, and Amtrak, along with safe and accessible pedestrian and bike trails. Renewing and revitalizing our nation’s transportation infrastructure will ensure sustained economic growth in Maryland and nationwide.  

In our Nation’s Capital, the federal government has a special responsibility and a financial stake in WMATA/Metro. Years of neglectful decisions cannot be reversed overnight. But a safe and reliable Metro is integral to the federal government and the Washington region. I will continue to fight to ensure that the federal government remains an effective partner for Metro’s future.