“Climate change is real and it is causing irreparable harm to our communities. We must use the best science available to solve the environmental challenges facing our nation. Delay is not an option.”

Protecting Maryland’s air, lands, and waters are life-long priorities. From Western Maryland’s scenic ridgelines to the shorelines of our iconic Chesapeake Bay – and everything in between – our state holds a surprising array of natural treasures. As a senior member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), I am well-positioned to ensure that they continue to receive the federal resources required to ensure their conservation and restoration.

We live in the time of a rapidly changing climate. With almost 3,200 miles of shoreline, Maryland is particularly vulnerable to threats from rising sea levels, flooding, and intensifying storm activity. Our cities and towns also suffer from aging infrastructure, particularly in the forms of outdated pipes that handle our drinking water, storm water runoff, and waste. This creates a host of hazards for our public and environmental health alike. In my role as Chair of the EPW Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee, I am committed to achieving significant improvements in the quality of our water infrastructure.

Agriculture continues to be the largest sector of Maryland’s economy, as well as a leading source of pollution. As our farmers continue to embrace new ways to reduce the pollutants that run off of their lands, I am working to expand the USDA and EPA programs that make it possible to implement innovative initiatives to reduce agricultural pollution. Similarly, I am working to ensure that the leadership of these agencies is constantly mindful of Maryland’s role as a regional leader in the effort to elevate our environmental integrity.