Press Release

January 12, 2024
Cardin Statement on U.S. Coalition Strikes Against Houthis in Yemen

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued a statement after the United States and coalition partners took action against targets in the Yemen.

“The Houthis in Yemen in recent weeks have escalated their attacks against international shipping and commerce, against our partners and allies bordering and operating in the Red Sea, and against U.S. personnel and assets in the region. I support President Biden’s decision to take precise action against these increasingly dangerous provocations that have threatened the interests of the U.S. and our allies, and welcome our coalition partners taking these actions with us,” said Chair Cardin. “I look forward to continued consultation with the Administration on this decision, as required by law, and encourage the President to persist in his efforts to keep this conflict from spreading further in the region.”