Press Release

October 29, 2008

U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin today taught a 9
th grade U.S. government class at Randallstown High School and talked to the students about the importance of government and the need for them to get involved.
  The Senator was pleased to hear that earlier in the day Randallstown students held a “mock” election.


The Senator is a member of five Senate committees — Judiciary, Foreign Relations, Budget, Small Business and Environment and Public Works – and talked to the Randallstown students about the importance of individual rights and how Congress works.


Senator Cardin spent 20 years in the U.S. House of Representatives and has been in the Senate since January 2007.
  He told the U.S. government students that Congress needs to become less partisan in order to deal effectively with our nation’s problems.


 “The next Administration and Congress must provide the leadership that is necessary to move our nation forward so we can lessen the effects of the recession that has gripped our nation and the world and so we can reduce our dependence on foreign energy by developing renewable and alternative energy sources,” said Senator Cardin.
  “The next Administration and Congress must have a vision that can rally our nation and provide the leadership we need to deal with these issues.
  The key is to build a partnership that will enable us to solve the many serious problems facing our nation.”


Randallstown High School is located in northwest Baltimore County and has approximately 1,200 students.
 Teachers combine academic and occupation-related classes as a way to enhance real-world relevance and maintain high academic standards.