Press Release

November 9, 2010
Recovery Funding Used to Transform Decatur Street

EDMONSTON, MD — U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) and U.S. Congresswoman Donna Edwards (MD-4) joined Edmonston Mayor Adam Ortiz at the dedication of Edmonston’s Decatur Street renovations that have transformed the Prince George’s County community into one of the most environmentally friendly in our nation.


The $1.3 million project, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), has provided more than 50 jobs.   It enabled Edmonston to install energy-efficient LED streetlights powered by wind energy and tree box rain-gardens and permeable pavement that will capture 90 percent of stormwater runoff.  It also has created new bike lanes that will connect to the Anacostia Trail Network and upgraded sidewalks to be fully ADA compliant, among other improvements.


“Decatur Street is now a showcase of best sustainability practices from across the country — from the tree canopy overhead to the storm water system underground,” said Senator Cardin, a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee “The reconstruction of Decatur Street will make a positive contribution to the regional environment, improving air quality, saving energy, and reducing water pollution to the Anacostia River and Chesapeake Bay.”


“Decatur Street is a great example of how the Recovery Act promotes environmental stewardship and job creation through green infrastructure and low impact development,” said Congresswoman Edwards. “The $1.3 million in funds brought economic development, flood control and quality of life improvements to Edmonston while reducing pollution to the Chesapeake Bay and Anacostia River . I look forward to working with my colleagues to promote this project and legislation that encourages the expansion of green infrastructure, such as my bill, H.R. 4202, the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act of 2009.”


“As a small, working-class community, we hope to show that if we can build a green street, any place can and every place should,” said Mayor Ortiz.