Press Release

April 26, 2007
Senator Supports Supplemental Bill to Give the Troops Funds They Need and a Plan for Success

Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) today voted in support of the Iraq Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill [H.R. 1591] to ensure that our troops in Iraq have the equipment needed to stay safe, while requiring a reduction in troop levels and new direction in Iraq. This measure passed the House of Representatives yesterday, and passed the U.S. Senate today by a vote of 51-46.

“Last fall, the American people spoke in a unified voice and demanded a new direction in Iraq,” said Sen. Cardin. “Today the Congress sends President Bush a bill that fully supports our troops by providing more than $100 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan–an increase of $4 billion over President's request–but also outlines a strategy for success that we've so desperately needed.

“This Congress will not send President Bush a blank check to continue the same failed policies. We owe it to our soldiers to bring them back safely and ensure they have the care they need when they return home. If President Bush vetoes this bill, he would not only be defying the will of Congress, but he will be blatantly defying the will of the American people. I hope President Bush finally realizes that a change of course in Iraq is long overdue.”

As a Member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Cardin voted against the war in Iraq. He has remained a consistent critic of the President's management of the war and has called for the drawdown of American troops and engagement of the international community to help rebuild Iraq.