Press Release

October 19, 2012
Sen. Ben Cardin Talks Medicare, Social Security with Seniors

URBANA, MD – A U.S. senator made a stop in Urbana Thursday to educate people about social security and medicare.

Senator Ben Cardin (D) spoke with seniors and those in the health care field at the Urbana Senior Center.

“I find there’s a lot of information seniors are really not aware of, such as the changes in the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, that affects seniors,” Cardin said. “They need to know that. There’s certain things they can take advantage of and new benefits that they’re entitled to.”

He says it’s important to make sure Medicare and social security are a guaranteed benefit.

“An annual wellness exam is covered under Medicare. We want to make sure seniors know to take advantage of that annual, what he call physical exam, a wellness exam,” Cardin said. “They now can get their preventative services.”

Cardin also thinks doctors should take a holistic approach to health care. He adds medicare regulations shouldn’t get in the way of helping low-income seniors.

“I’m particularly proud about that I authored the original legislation that included cancer screenings in medicare,” Cardin said. “They can now get those services without a co-pay and that prescription drug donut hole coverage gap that seniors were concerned about, we’ve eliminated that.” 

Cardin also believes the country needs to train more primary care doctors to make sure there’s never a shortage.

Next week WHAG will profile Senator Cardin as part of our local election coverage.