Press Release

January 24, 2007


Click here to hear Sen. Cardin's reaction to the SOTU

WASHINGTON Following tonights State of the Union address by President Bush,
Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) released the following statement:

I was encouraged by President Bushs commitment to work with both Democrats and Republicans to find solutions to the problems facing American families. Now we need action. The American people have made it clear that they want change and they want results.

The American people have heard President Bush talk about our addiction to oil now they want a policy in place that will truly make us energy independent. Theyve seen the President push through No Child Left Behind and now they want to see an education system that truly leaves no child behind.

I am pleased to see the President is taking notice of the health care crisis in America. Unfortunately, the Presidents health care proposal would shift the burden onto middle-income families and provide little help for the 47 million Americans with no health care. Its a step in the wrong direction.

In his speech, the President highlighted some of the major problems were facing at home. But we must always remember, we are a nation at war. Tonight, the President failed to make a compelling argument for escalating troop levels in Iraq. We need a change in our policies both in Iraq and at home. Im hopeful that the President will work constructively with Congress and hear the concerns of the American people so we can come together and move forward as a nation.