Press Release

August 6, 2013
Cardin Welcomes DoD Furlough Reduction, Would Like to See Full Sequester Replacement

Senator Cardin (D-MD) released the following stament in reaction the Defense Department’s announcement of reduced furlough days.


“I commend Secretary Hagel for finding a way to reduce furlough days for DOD civilians from 11 to six. It’s welcome news for DOD families and the communities that support our military installations. But losing six days pay is still not acceptable. Sequestration cuts and the resulting furloughs are harming our national security by reducing readiness, cutting morale and distracting hardworking public servants from carrying out their vital missions. In addition, it is hurting our regional and national economies. Our civilian defense workforce has showed great patience and patriotism in recent months. Congress owes them a sequester replacement before they are subjected to even deeper cuts in FY 14.”