Press Release

December 9, 2011
The Goal is to Help Residents in the Tri-County Area Find Employment

WALDORF, MD – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) today visited the Job Match Re-Employment Project to meet with unemployed residents of the Tri-County region and to discuss future employment and training needs.  The Job Match Re-Employment Project is geared to helping individuals from Charles, Calvert or St. Mary’s counties who were previously employed in jobs earning $38,000 or more a year. 

“I am impressed by the people who are here today because they have the talent and skills that many employers need,” said Senator Cardin.  “The key to our economic recovery is getting people back to work, and the Job Match Re-employment Project has done an outstanding job in matching high-skilled individuals who have been affected by these difficult economic times with employment opportunities.”

“The Job Match Re-Employment Project is proof that innovation is alive and well in the world of workforce development.  By drawing circles around in-the-box thinking, placing a premium on networking, and targeting opportunities that  match expertise, participants seeking rapid re-employment are currently experiencing a 62% placement rate,” said Eleanor Nelson, Director of the Job Match RE-employment Project..

The Job Match Re-Employment Project is supported with funding from the Recovery Act and from the State of Maryland.  Since 2009, the Job Re-Match Project has helped more than 150 individuals from the Tri-County area find employment.