Press Release

August 5, 2011
Senator Says Agreement Offers Some Protections for Federal Workers

SUITLAND, MD — U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) today met with union leaders and federal employees about the recently enacted budget compromise that raised the debt ceiling and saved the nation from default.  The Senator discussed details of the budget agreement and talked about how it will affect federal workers.  

“Federal workers have already made a significant contribution to reducing our deficit with a two-year pay freeze,” said Senator Cardin. “Our federal workforce did not create the budget deficits that are plaguing our nation, and I will continue to fight to ensure that they do not shoulder an unfair burden for reducing the deficit.  I am pleased that the recently enacted budget agreement provides some protections against a further erosion of their compensation.”

In January, it was announced that there would be a two-year pay freeze for the federal workforce.  Senator Cardin, a member of the Budget and Finance committees, has opposed additional cuts in compensation for federal workers.  The budget agreement, which includes $1 trillion in cuts and additional cuts that would be triggered if Congress does not enact a budget plan developed by the Joint Committee, protects federal workers from increased contributions to their pensions.