Press Release

June 6, 2018
Cardin Statement on the Anniversary of D-Day

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) issued the following statement in recognition of the 74th anniversary of D-Day:

“On this day 74 years ago, thousands of American troops alongside our allies executed a bold assault on the beaches of Normandy. The bravery of those troops on D-Day in their stand against Nazi tyranny and oppression has been admired by a grateful world ever since. The Nazi regime upended democratic freedoms and espoused a system of persistent human rights violations bent on trampling the existence of minority groups which culminated in concentration camps and genocide. The accomplishments of allied forces on D-Day and thereafter during Operation Overlord led to the defeat of the Adolph Hitler’s Nazi government and its heinous authoritarian, nationalist ideology.

“D-Day remains a sterling example of how international partnerships and a spirit of collaborative defiance can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. It is also a stark reminder of what is required in the presence of iniquitous leaders. The leaders of the D-Day alliance and the troops who fought mightily that day on the beaches and in the French countryside and towns deserve our most sincere thanks and admiration. It is because of their bravery and hardship that the western world remains free.

“As we remember the courageous actions of those present that ‘longest day,’ I ask that we express our gratitude by carrying on their example. We must resist the present-day reemergence of nationalist and racist influences in the western world and beyond. Concurrently, we must hold authoritarian regimes accountable for their acts against humanity. We must expand our diplomatic reach by strengthening our alliances against authoritarianism. By working together like the daring souls who fought on D-Day, we can secure a future free from cruelty, oppression, and persecution.”