Press Release

February 1, 2010
We must make targeted investments and pay for them as we go.

“Our economy is beginning to show signs of growth after the most serious crisis since the Great Depression, but we have much work ahead before American families and small businesses see and feel the oncoming recovery.
  Like the President, I believe that we must invest in job creation and I believe we must do so in a fiscally disciplined way.
  Effective middle-class tax relief must be paired with targeted investments that we pay for as we go.


“I applaud the Administration’s significant increase in funding for small businesses, the very entrepreneurs and innovators who will create the jobs that will drive our economy firmly out of this recession. I was heartened to see the inclusion of increased loan limits and I look forward to working with the administration to ensure that qualified small businesses have access to essential credit.
 This robust funding increase will ensure that the SBA has the resources to provide small businesses with the financial and technical assistance they need.


“The President’s budget reflects the reality that job creation will come from many sectors in our economy.
 With an eye on controlling our deficits, it promotes job growth through targeted investments in clean energy technology and water infrastructure, while moving us closer to health insurance reform that will provide affordable, quality coverage for all.
  It recognizes the importance of all levels of education in workforce development. The President’s budget also recognizes that even as our economy moves closer to recovery, we have a responsibility to enact strong regulatory and fiscal reforms to help return security and stability to our nation.


“As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I look forward to exploring the details of this budget with Administration officials to ensure that it supports broad initiatives that will spur job growth and uphold the priorities important to Marylanders without adding to our long-term debt.”