Press Release

May 1, 2015
Cardin Statement on Charges Filed Against Baltimore City Police Officers in the Death of Freddie Gray

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) issued the following statement regarding the announcement by Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby that charges would be filed against six Baltimore City Police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray:


“The eyes of the nation have been focused on Baltimore in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray. Today’s announcement that criminal charges will be filed against six Baltimore City Police officers involved in his death underscores that the case is receiving the high level of attention it merits and will continue to be investigated and prosecuted with due diligence and transparency.


“We all want justice for Freddie Gray and his family. Baltimoreans have raised their voices in defense of this young man and we will watch closely as this case progresses. I urge everyone in Baltimore to continue to show their commitment to justice peacefully, and to respect each other by continuing the frank discussions on the larger challenges facing our city and nation. Baltimore, the city we love, has rarely been tested in such a way, but all of us who know her well also know that she will come out stronger and more united.”