Press Release

September 18, 2009

, DC –

U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD),

a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Chairman of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, released the following statement response to President Ahmadinejad’s September 18 comments at Tehran University and in advance of Iran’s scheduled meeting with the international community on October 1:  

“The Iranian regime has consistently played diplomatic games with the international community, absent any good faith effort at negotiation. While doing this they continue to develop the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. I’m highly skeptical of the Iranian regime’s intentions to negotiate with the international community on October 1. 
“I urge the Obama Administration and the international community to develop plans for considerably stronger sanctions during the current meetings at the UN General Assembly. The world must be ready to economically isolate the Iranian regime if it fails to come to the table prepared to take meaningful action on October 1. 
“I’ve seen reports of President Ahmadinejad’s most recent deplorable comments denying the Holocaust. His comments are disgusting. I am encouraged though, by reports of thousands of protestors rallying outside Tehran University, in opposition to this incompetent leader and his oppressive regime. The world has taken notice of the courageous many in Iran attempting to stand up against a regime that has abused its people and imperiled Iran’s standing in the world community.