Press Release

June 6, 2008
Republican Obstructionists Won't Keep Congress from Eventually Doing the Right Thing for the Planet

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Speaking on the bank of the Chesapeake Bay,
U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) today expressed his disappointment that the
Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act failed a procedural vote. He wasted no time affixing blame to those who have stalled and blocked this landmark legislation from moving forward.


“This morning the U.S. Senate took a vote that effectively killed global warming legislation this year. The final outcome was not surprising, but it is still disappointing. It also is not the last word,” Senator Cardin told a group of Maryland environmentalists and educators gathered at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.


“Because of obstructionist tactics, Republican opponents of the bill kept us from considering even a single amendment over the course of an entire week of deliberation on the Senate floor. The Republican minority used extraordinary procedural steps to turn their back on fellow Republican and bill sponsor Senator John Warner (R-VA), and turn their back on the American public who urgently want the Congress to take steps now to reduce dangerous pollution and move our country closer to energy independence.


“But like global warming, this legislation will not go away just because some do not have the courage to act. We have to recognize that climate change is upon us.  We can fail to act, and the results will be predictable and devastating to our economy, our national security, and our precious natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay. 


“This November we will elect a new President.  Senators Obama and McCain have both been advocates of the cap-and-trade system that is at the heart of the
Climate Security Act. With a President who recognizes the threat of global climate change and one who is ready to take bold action, we will act in 2009.  I am confident we will pass climate change legislation next year.”