Press Release

April 9, 2008

Washington, DC –

U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD)
released a public service announcement today urging all eligible Marylanders to file their tax returns early so they can receive their stimulus rebates.

“Most Americans are aware that Congress passed an economic stimulus package, including a modest rebate, to help families struggling in our slow economy. However, many, like veterans who rely on VA disability benefits, seniors who rely on Social Security, or others who would not otherwise need to file a tax return, will need to do so this year to receive their rebate,” said

Senator Cardin
. “These are difficult times for Marylanders and families nationwide. No one who is eligible for a rebate should pass up this opportunity.”

Approximately 130 million Americans will receive rebates up to $600. Couples who file jointly will receive $1200. There also is a $300 rebate per child. Taxpayers who have qualifying income of $3,000 to $75,000 are eligible. Certain Social Security and VA benefits qualify.

Filing an extension beyond April 15 will not change your eligibility for a stimulus rebate, but your rebate will not be processed until your complete return is received by the IRS. Filing a tax return when you do not owe taxes will not change your status with Social Security or the Veterans Administration.

More information on the stimulus rebates passed by Congress is available at our
stimulus rebate information page or