Press Release

September 26, 2014
Cardin Praises AG Holder’s Commitment to Civil Rights, Urges Additional Action Before He Departs DOJ

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) lauded Attorney General Eric Holder’s public service in response to his announced departure from the Department of Justice:


“I thank Attorney General Eric Holder for his many years of dedicated service to our nation and the Justice Department. He has worked tirelessly to protect the American people, safeguard our Constitution, and promote equal justice under the law for all.


“As the nation’s top lawyer, Attorney General Holder took bold steps to reinvigorate the Department’s Civil Rights Division. I particularly commend Attorney General Holder for protecting the fundamental right to vote and fighting efforts to restrict the franchise, such as voter ID’s, deceptive practices in elections, and disenfranchisement measures that can permanently take away an individual’s right to vote. I was pleased to chair many hearings on these issues when I was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Most recently, Attorney General Holder’s aggressive investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown and the Ferguson, Missouri police department was an important step to protect civil rights. Before he leaves office, I urge him to finalize new Justice Department guidance to once and for all prohibit the use of racial profiling by all levels of law enforcement.”