Press Release

October 28, 2021
Cardin: Let’s Pass Build Back Better Now

“The time for talk is over. Let’s get this done so every Marylander can feel the benefits.”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee, and a member of the Senate Finance Committee, released the following statement on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Framework.

“Maryland families are going to like what they see in the Build Back Better budget framework. Coupled with the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that the Senate previously passed, Congress is on the verge of delivering once-in-a-generation investments in the future of our nation, creating quality jobs for today and tomorrow. 

“President Biden was correct when he called this ‘transformative.’ The Build Back Better plan will lower everyday costs for families by investing in child care and education, from universal Pre-K to college and job training. By expanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) premium tax credits, we will deliver health care to 4 million uninsured people who had previously been priced out of the marketplace. The plan will focus on combatting climate change by investing in clean technology, buildings, transportation, agriculture, and more, to advance a 21st century clean energy economy.

“Importantly, this package will not expand the deficit. The Build Back Better budget ensures that the ultra-wealthy and large corporations will move closer to paying their fair share in taxes.

“The time for talk is over. This package may be smaller than originally outlined – and we will keep working to advance the priorities not included – but what we do have will be life changing for so many families. Let’s get this done so every Marylander can feel the benefits. We must vote and send this to the president for his signature right away.”