Press Release

February 2, 2015
Cardin Lauds POTUS Effort to Eliminate Sequestration

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), a member of the Senate Finance Committee, released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s budget plan for fiscal year 2016 (Oct. 1, 2015 – Sept. 30, 2016):

“Sequestration never should have become law; it has hurt our local and national economies. I appreciate the effort by President Obama to eliminate these mindless across-the-board cuts that could do more damage in 2016.

“While I am still reviewing all the details, it is encouraging that the President’s FY16 Budget continues to cut the deficit while making smart investments in our infrastructure; training working Americans for better-paying, better skilled jobs; and giving middle class families a better chance at making ends meet. Federal workers, who endured a three-year pay freeze and then meager one-percent increases for the past two years, are in line for a slightly higher pay raise next year of 1.3 percent. We can do better for the men and women keeping our borders safe, finding cures for cancer, providing services to veterans, older Americans and Americans with disabilities, as well as teachers, researchers, and others. Failing to follow through with the President’s plan to eliminate sequestration would be a drag on economic growth and job creation at a time when all efforts must be used to expand economic opportunity.”