Press Release

January 5, 2007
Senator Calls for A New Direction For America

Senator Benjamin L. Cardin today was sworn into office, becoming the 62nd Senator to represent the State of Maryland since 1789. At a reception attended by family and friends, Senator Cardin told Marylanders that he will be a fighter for change a change in Iraq and a change in our nations priorities.

Americans want a new direction for our nation: A new direction in Iraq, new spending priorities and greater economic opportunity for all Americans, Senator Cardin told friends and supporters. I have traveled throughout Maryland for more than 18 months and Marylanders are demanding a change in Washington. They want us out of Iraq, they want better schools for their children, they want access to health care, they want affordable housing and prescription drugs, and, most of all, they want a Senator who will fight to end the gridlock in Washington and a Senator who will get results.

Maryland Senator Barbara A, Mikulski , who joined Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in escorting Senator Cardin to the U.S. Senate floor for the oath of office, told the crowd: I am so excited to welcome my friend and colleague Ben Cardin to the U.S. Senate. Were ready to hit the ground running to show the American people that the days of a Do-Nothing Congress are over, said Senator Mikulski. America has spoken — they want a different direction, a new tone and a new agenda. They want to see us bring our troops back home safely from Iraq, and they want us to put American families first. We, as Team Maryland, are ready to get to work!

Senator Cardin also stressed that his appointment to five key Senate committees Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Environment and Public Works, Budget and Small Business will give him a unique opportunity to represent the interests of American families. I am proud that Majority Leader Harry Reid had the confidence in my experience, knowledge, and judgment to appoint me to top committees where I can have an impact on the course of our nation.

Referring to his 20 years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and his 20 years as a member of the Maryland General Assembly, Senator Cardin declared that he has the experience to be an effective leader in the Senate. I look forward to working with both Democrats and Republicans in Washington to bring about change.