Press Release

April 28, 2008
Builds on Historic Conservation Effort to Preserve Park Land and Mount Vernon Viewshed

, MD
U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) and
U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer (MD-5
th) joined the Trust for Public Land, the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and the National Park Service today in announcing the protection of an additional 73 acres of land at Piscataway Park. The new park land builds on the effort to preserve the historic viewshed along the Potomac River across from Mount Vernon.


“Today’s ceremony marks an important achievement for our state, region and nation,”
said Congressman Hoyer.
  “By protecting these 73 acres, not only have we further preserved the Mount Vernon viewshed, we have maintained for future generations this culturally significant and environmentally sensitive land along the Potomac River by expanding Piscataway National Park.
  I want to commend the Trust for Public Land, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, the Park Service and the Cullen Family, among others, for their important contributions to this historic effort.”


With the strong support of the U.S. Congress, federal funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund was allocated to the National Park Service for the protection of the park land by The Trust for Public Land and the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. Together, the public-government partnership has permanently protected a total of 232 acres along Piscataway Creek, within the historic view from George Washington's estate, as an addition to the Piscataway Park


“Today Marylanders can celebrate and enjoy the addition of 73 acres to Piscataway Park,”
said Senator Cardin.  “Across the Potomac River, visitors to the Mount Vernon also will benefit because this critical viewshed will be protected forever and will remain just as it was during George Washington’s time.  I am proud to be here today to help celebrate this dual victory for our environment and our national heritage.” 


The land will be managed as part of Piscataway Park, a unit of the National Park Service, consisting of approximately more than 5,000 acres along the Potomac River. Piscataway Park protects the historic and scenic landscape along the Potomac as seen from Mount Vernon, ensuring that its one-million-plus annual visitors, as well as local residents, can enjoy virtually the same view as did the first president.