Press Release

June 14, 2016
Cardin Highlights Maryland’s Strong Ties to Flag Day

BALTIMORE – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) released the following statement in celebration of Flag Day on Tuesday, June 14:

“In Maryland, Flag Day is a time to remember the important contributions made by our state to our nation’s development in the early days of the Union. In the midst of the War of 1812, Baltimore resident Mary Pickersgill was asked by General Samuel Smith to make a flag “so large that the British will have no difficulty seeing it from a distance.” That flag, 30 feet tall and 42 feet wide, was raised and flown over Fort McHenry during the famous Battle of Baltimore in 1814. Mary Pickersgill’s flag became the inspiration for the poem written by Francis Scott Key, which would eventually become our country’s national anthem.

“That night, the flag stood as a symbol of the strength of our union and the resilience of those willing to fight for it. Today, it continues to serve as a reminder of the courage and commitment of those willing to give all in defense of the freedoms granted to every American.

“For over two centuries, our flag has meant hope, freedom, and liberty to all those who enter this country and will continue to uphold this meaning for many years to come. This Flag Day, as our banner waves across the nation, let us remember and acknowledge the continual service and sacrifices that have kept the United States ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’.”