Press Release

June 5, 2009
Promise of a longer runway already attracting businesses to nearby tech park

Indian Head, MD – U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)

led the groundbreaking ceremony for a $30 million expansion of the Maryland Airport. Joining Senator Cardin today were Charles County Commissioners Wayne Cooper (President), Edith Patterson (Vice President), Samuel Graves, Reuben Collins, Gary Hodge, County Administrator Paul Comfort, and Maryland Airport operators Jack Crawford and Gil Bauserman. Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other state and local officials also participated. The Maryland Airport is receiving approximately $30 million over the next four years from the FAA Airport Improvement Program and the State of Maryland for construction of a 4300-foot runway, taxiways, ramp areas and building site preparation.


“General aviation facilities like Maryland Airport play a vital role in maintaining Maryland’s economy.
 Every airplane that flies in and out of our airports or is based here, brings more jobs and greater economic power for the region,”
said Senator Cardin.
  “Maryland Airport has been a strong economic engine for all of Southern Maryland, which is why I have been proud to strongly support this $30 million investment that will substantially upgrade the capacity of Maryland Airport by attracting larger business aircraft and enhance safety for all who use it.”


“Given its proximity to Indian Head, the new tech park in Western Charles County and Washington, DC, the expanded Maryland Airport will serve as an even greater economic catalyst to the region, connecting numerous different business centers
Cardin added.


Senator Cardin has worked with Senator Barbara Mikulski and Congressman Steny Hoyer to bring federal resources to Charles County.
  In the current fiscal year (FY09), the Maryland Delegation was successful in securing just over $12 million for the construction of Phase I of an Energetics Systems and Technology Laboratory Complex for the Engineering Directorate of Naval Surface Warfare Center – Indian Head Division.
  For the upcoming fiscal year (FY10), $16.5 million for the second and third phases of this project has been requested. This additional federal investment will bring contractors and support businesses, many of whom will utilize the expanded Maryland Airport to facilitate their work.