Press Release

January 29, 2013
Cardin Applauds Swift Confirmation Of John Kerry As Secretary Of State

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, lauded the swift confirmation of Senator John Kerry to be U.S. Secretary of State. 

“John Kerry will serve our nation well as America’s top diplomat. I had the privilege of serving on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with Senator Kerry since arriving in the U.S. Senate six years ago and I know that he is committed to ensuring that robust diplomacy and development can function alongside defense at the heart of America’s foreign policy.  American diplomats and development professionals abroad are facing serious security and political challenges at the same time our nation faces serious fiscal and political challenges at home.  I believe that Secretary Kerry will be open to systemic reforms within the Department while remaining a strong advocate for America’s interests around the world.

“I am confident that John’s legacy of fighting for democracy, human rights, and global peace will continue at the Department of State. He played an essential role in bringing our troops home from Iraq and ending the war, and has been an advocate for peace and democratic transition in some of the most challenging conflict zones, from Sudan to Afghanistan.  He is committed to continuing efforts to promote development assistance and recovery in Haiti, fighting global HIV/AIDS, and supporting democracy and human dignity, poverty assistance and the advancement of women’s empowerment throughout the world.  I have been pleased to work with him on efforts to combat global climate change. He has convened eight major hearings and roundtables on climate change and energy security since taking the gavel of the Foreign Relations Committee. His support for global human rights led to U.S. action to end ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, to impose sanctions on Burma, and to help create a genocide tribunal in Cambodia.”