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Sen. Ben Cardin Reacts To Trump’s ‘New York Times’ Interview
July 20, 2017


By: Morning Edition

CARDIN: Well, it’s another one of those remarkable comments by the president. He does not realize that the attorney general is the attorney general for the people of this country. It’s not a personal position for the president of the United States. Attorney General Sessions had no choice under law but to recuse himself from this investigation since he was part of the Trump campaign. That was under clear rules from the Justice Department.

INSKEEP: The president’s statement is not that it’s unjust in some way, but it’s unfair to the president. Is it unfair to the president that he doesn’t get to have the counsel of his attorney general on this particular matter that involves him?

CARDIN: No, not at all. That’s why we had these statutes that allow for, or the policy to allow for a special counsel to be appointed. Mr. Mueller is conducting this particular investigation, and that this is the responsibility of the Justice Department to do an independent investigation that couldn’t be done with the attorney general. 

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