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New Channel Opened at Baltimore Bridge Collapse Site
April 3, 2024


By: Robert Gill

Heartland Magazine –
Residents and businesses in Baltimore have been facing significant challenges in the aftermath of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. As a second temporary channel is opened to allow limited marine traffic to bypass the wreckage, officials are working on establishing a third channel to accommodate larger vessels.

The rough weather conditions have hampered recovery efforts, with divers unable to retrieve the bodies of four construction workers believed to be trapped underwater. The Small Business Administration has stepped in to assist companies in securing loans to mitigate the financial impact of the bridge collapse, which has severely disrupted the local economy.

Senator Ben Cardin has been actively engaging with affected truck drivers, emphasizing the economic consequences for small businesses. Legislation is also under consideration to provide support to port employees and other businesses affected by the collapse.

Crews are diligently working to clear the debris at the collapse site, where a container ship collided with a supporting column, causing extensive damage. The U.S. Coast Guard described the scene as one of “chaotic wreckage,” highlighting the challenges faced by recovery teams.

In a bid to limit their legal liability, Synergy Marine Group and Grace Ocean Private Ltd. have filed a court petition. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit the site to meet with state and local officials, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the need for swift action to address the aftermath of the bridge collapse.