Federal Workers

Our federal workforce is a critical national asset we should not take for granted. Federal workers are patriotic and hard-working Americans who keep our borders secure and our food and water safe, care for our veterans and the elderly, process our tax refunds and Social Security checks, teach our children, search for cures to crippling diseases, explore the universe to learn more about our home planet, support our servicemen and women, and promote our interests and ideals abroad.  I applaud the commitment to public service of these men and women, and recognize the sacrifices that they make each and every day for the good of our communities, our Nation, and all humankind.

Federal workers are also pivotal to Maryland’s economy, as hundreds of thousands work and live here.  I am committed to keeping federal jobs and facilities in Maryland, and advocating for the rights of all federal employees and retirees.  I am working to preserve and protect collective bargaining rights, pensions, health care benefits, Civil Service protections, and scientific integrity.  Since 2011, federal workers have contributed over $180 billion to deficit reduction though pay freezes, sequestration-related furloughs, etc.   At the same time, federal workers are being asked to do more and more with less and less.  I will oppose hiring freezes, arbitrary workforce reductions, government shut-downs, sequestration, and pay and benefit cuts.  Engaging in a “race to bottom”  with respect to federal workers (over 30 percent of whom are veterans) doesn’t just harm them; it harms all Americans who depend on the vital services they provide and the crucial missions they carry out. 

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