May 21, 2009


WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD), a member of the Senate Budget Committee, today announced his FY 2010 budget appropriations requests for Maryland, including priorities for the Eastern Shore.  The Senate will take up the appropriations bills this summer. A complete list of Senator Cardin's appropriations requests can be found at .


"The appropriations process must be open and transparent. The American people have a right to know how their tax dollars may be used.  I have carefully vetted every request for Fiscal Year 2010 to ensure that they reflect our regional and national priorities and will help Maryland meet the challenges of the future," said Senator Cardin. "My appropriations requests focus on creating new jobs through innovation and technology, improving our transportation infrastructure, supporting health research, strengthening homeland security, restoring the environment and lessening our dependence on foreign energy."  


More than 45 percent of all funds requested by Senator Cardin fund or supplement funding for federal programs that benefit Maryland. Approximately 30 percent of the funds requested would provide essential resources to our state and local governments.


Examples of statewide requests include:


  • $2 million for the State of Maryland for its First Responder Interoperability Project to help the state implement an interoperability radio system


  • $ 1 million for the Maryland State Police to upgrade the state's computer aided dispatch/management system in order to coordinate resources and provide quicker deployments in case of an emergency


  • $2 million for essential infrastructure of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Water Trails


Examples of requests from Senator Cardin for entities or projects based on the Eastern Shore include:


  • $20 million for NOAA's Cooperative Oxford Laboratory in Oxford, Maryland, which utilizes complementary assets of the Oxford Lab and academic institutions to guide Chesapeake Bay management and restoration decisions


  • $13.5 million for the Ecosystem Restoration Program at Poplar Island and an additional $483,000 for the Mid-Bay Island restoration project, which will serve as the successor to Poplar Island .


  • $6.3 million for shoreline protection and construction in Ocean City


  • $6 million for native Oyster and Oyster Habitat Recovery programs through the Oyster Recovery Project and the Army Corps of Engineers


  • $5 million for upgrades and repairs to the Smith Island wastewater treatment plant


  • $3 million to University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute for the Sustainability of Eastern Shore Agriculture


  • $2 million for the Blackwater National Refuge to add to its permanently protected lands and $475,000 for the adjacent Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Park and Visitor Center


  • $1.4 million for the Wenona Harbor dredging project to allow for safe navigation between the lower Wicomico River and Wenona Harbor


  • $1 million for the Town of Snow Hill to repair and upgrade its water-treatment facilities to meet basic health and water quality requirements


In addition, Senator Cardin has requested funding for the following projects:


  • Washington College Chesapeake Semester program, a unique opportunity for students to explore our nation's largest estuary, while doing cutting edge science that can be applied locally, to solve real human and environmental problems


  • Enroll an additional 1,000 students in the Eastern Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium Dropout Prevention Programs and help keep another 1,000 students currently enrolled in the program


  • Salisbury University's Chesapeake Bay STEM Mentors Initiative


  • Expansion of the Health Information and Referral Line of the Queen Anne's County Community Partnerships for Children and Families, helping to identify gaps in services


For more details on the above requests and a complete list of all of Senator Cardin's FY 2010 appropriations requests for Maryland, please go to