Information for those wishing to attend the Impeachment Trial of President Trump

Much is still unknown about the daily process of the impeachment trial.
The information we have is based on what we know at this time and may change.

We do not know the detailed schedule but sessions are expected to start daily at around 1:00pm.

Each day there may be unplanned breaks or interruptions in the schedule that may mean there is no activity ongoing at the time you may want to see what is happening.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to check media, such as C-SPAN, for the daily schedule, as it becomes available.

We are requesting a name and Maryland residence for those requesting Gallery Passes.

Constituents requesting Senate Gallery Passes will need to come to 509 Hart to pick up the passes in person. There is a limit of five (5) per person.

Senator Cardin’s office (509 Hart) will be open from 8:30am - 5:30pm for Pass pickup.

These passes are not a guarantee of a seat but a ticket for a general line for a few dozen seats total set aside each day for the public.

Individuals who want to get on line for the chance to use a Senate Gallery pass will need to exit the Hart Building and re-enter through the Congressional Visitor Center (CVC) main entrance at East Capitol and 1st Street (across from the U.S. Supreme Court). 

For those who do gain access to the gallery, seating generally is for a 30-minute period, based on the length of the line waiting for passes.

For information concerning prohibited items, please visit the Capital Visitor Center website.