Unemployment Assistance

Sadly, COVID-19 has caused many individuals to lose their jobs and created significant obstacles to finding new employment. In the wake of this economic recession, our nation’s unemployment insurance (UI) program is an essential a long-term lifeline for millions of workers. That is why I pushed so hard to secure a massive investment in UI in the new stimulus package and to make this critical safety net more accessible than ever.

Here are some of the major provisions in the new stimulus related to unemployment insurance:

  • Full Paycheck Replacement: $600 increase for every individual struggling through the crisis without a paycheck, which equates to 100 percent of average wages.
  • Waiving Waiting Weeks: Gets money in people’s pockets sooner by providing federal incentives for states to eliminate waiting weeks.
  • Extension of Benefits: An additional 13 weeks of federally-funded unemployment insurance benefits are immediately be made available.
  • Expanding Access: Allow part-time, self-employed, and gig economy workers to access UI benefits.

Individuals seeking this assistance will have to apply through the Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance. For more information on federal assistance, download the following HUD.gov FAQ sheet.

To learn about Maryland’s unemployment insurance policies, click here.

To read frequently asked questions about how COVID-19 affects Maryland’s unemployment insurance benefits, click here

In order to file an unemployment insurance claim:

  • You are strongly encouraged to utilize this NetClaims application to file your claim online.
  • You can also call a Claim Center at 410-949-0022. 

For any further questions, claimants can e-mail ui.inquiry@maryland.gov and employers can e-mail dluiemployerassistance-labor@maryland.gov.

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