Ben Cardin - Senator for Maryland


Agriculture »

Agriculture is Maryland's largest industry, with more than 12,000 farms covering more than 2 million acres. Success requires a unique blend of federal and state programs that help farmers manage risk, careful stewardship of every acre, and opportunities to market their products close to home.


Chesapeake Bay »

I am working to make sure that our bedrock environmental laws are protected and emerging threats to clean, safe water and healthy air are addressed. The focal point of my work on environmental issues is restoring and protecting Maryland’s greatest natural resource, the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay

Civil Rights/Civil Liberties »

Civil rights and civil liberties are the building blocks of the rule of law in our country. We must strive to find a balance that allows us to uphold the U.S. Constitution, protect our civil liberties, and fulfill our solemn obligation to protect the American people. I am dedicated to ensuring protections against any form of discrimination.

Civil Rights/Civil Liberties

Economy & Jobs »

I am committed to policies that will help grow our economy and create job opportunities for people in Maryland and all across the country. It is crucial that we invest in core programs that will restore America’s competitive edge globally and help create jobs today and into the future.

Economy & Jobs

Education »

Each child's future depends on access to quality education, and our nation's success in the global marketplace depends on an educated workforce that can compete internationally. Now is the time to provide affordable, accessible, quality educational opportunities. I am truly proud of Maryland’s consistently top-ranked academic institutions.


Energy & Environment »

Reviving our economy is linked to re-thinking how we solve our energy challenges. Investing in new technologies creates new jobs. Diversifying our energy sources creates competition – stabilizing and lowering energy prices and it strengthens our national security.

Energy & Environment

Federal Employees »

Federal employees are hard-working Americans who strive to keep us healthy, safe and informed. They also are pivotal to Maryland’s economy, as hundreds of thousands live and work here. I applaud the public service of these men and women and will continue to defend them from harmful budget cuts.

Federal Employees

Foreign Relations »

The United States faces a wide range of international challenges, including threats to our national security, economy, environment, and commitment to basic human rights. As the President works to rebuild America’s position in the world, we have tremendous opportunities to establish new partnerships and strengthen old ones.

Foreign Relations

Health Care »

I am proud of my work to ensure that affordable, quality health insurance coverage will now be a right and not a privilege for every American across the country. The Affordable Care Act that Congress enacted into law last year moves us significantly closer to our goals of decreasing costs, providing coverage to all Americans and reducing our budget deficit.

Health Care

Homeland Security »

Congress’ top priority is to protect the American people. We must make sure that our law enforcement and intelligence professionals have the tools they need to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks while also ensuring that our government uses its scarce resources wisely, and that it strikes an appropriate balance between national security and protecting civil liberties.

Homeland Security

Seniors »

We owe our seniors respect, gratitude and thanks for their contributions to society. They deserve to enjoy their time with family and friends, rather than worrying about retirement security and healthcare costs. The historic health care reform law also brings peace of mind to seniors by extending the life of Medicare.


Small Business »

America’s 27 million small businesses are the heart of our nation’s economic engine. They make up more than 99 percent of America’s firms and employ more than half our workforce. One of my top priorities is to ensure that small businesses get the support and capital they need to create new jobs and build our economy.

Small Business

Transportation »

Fast and efficient transportation systems drive our nation’s economy. We must revitalize our nation’s transportation infrastructure to ensure sustained economic growth in Maryland and keep America competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.


Veterans & Military »

Every day, we honor the service of our men and women who volunteer to protect our nation, and to their families who unconditionally support them and endure the hardships of the military lifestyle. These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have our utmost respect and appreciation.

Veterans & Military
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